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CEO Greetings

Thank you for visiting WOOREE Lighting.

WOOREE Lighting made its first step as lighting specialized company in 1966. We concentrated on foreign market from the beginning and became well-known between leading lighting companies in USA and Europe. Now we are maintaining our solid-reputation by differentiated product supply, good quality assurance and accurate shipping system. Meanwhile, WOOREE Lighting also released ‘Jangsu Lamp’ brand in Korea and we are supplying more than 300 of agencies and construction field with products. We always make efforts day and night to R&D expenditure and technical innovation for customer satisfaction.

WOOREE Lighting holds more Energy Star certifications than any other company in Korea and many more certifications not only Korea but all around the world, and as a result of steady growth in 1999 we went to public in KOSDAQ and WOOREE Lighting firmly built the system as the company with stability and balanced growth.

As a technology company, we are always faced with fast changes to technological advancements and trends in the marketplace, WOOREE established an CCFL affiliate called WOOREE ETI in 2000 and listed in KOSDAQ just within 5 year since establishment.

In 2018, ETI became the largest supplier of CCFLs in the world, and in the same year another affiliate WOOREE E&L was established to produce the best LED package and also went public in early 2013.

With a tag line ‘Better Light, Better Life’ we positively invest to LED Lighting development as the company which has outstanding capability to supply advanced LED Lighting to customers with more than 50years of faith.

Last but not least, we are most thankful for all of our amazing business partners and customers who have journeyed with us. We hope to continue to grow our business of creating quality light and contribution to better quality life.