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  • Light ‘changes’ the space and time we live in.

    Through lights, we can find and see new things we did not realize before.

  • Light evolves the ‘life’

    Through lights, we can find value of life and be enlightened.

  • Light gives us ‘safety’in life.

    Through lights, our lives become safer and comfier.

Light is so invaluable, nothing can replace the light. Light is the key, leads us to vison of future we haven’t found yet.
WOOREE Lighting lights up the world, and makes it a better place.
Better Light Better Life

WOOREE will put all the effort to make it up to customers who showed love. As a part of repaying, we will give lights to off grid region all over the world. We are responsible as a lighting specialized company to give lights where people need. We are deeply grateful for being able to grow up as a lighting specialist with customers for more than 50 years since the establishment. Like in the past, and in the future, we will steadily be with customers as a company that gives lights to the world. Let’s all together complete the mission of SHINE PROJECT, 100% of the world to have access to electric light by our 100year anniversary